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What's this site for?
This is a site where you can look at your evemail from outside of the game, and send evemails.
Doesn't this mean that you can read my mail?
Nope :) I'm using the implicit flow version, and handling everything in javascript. I see next to nothing. Just the bare minimum to work. And I don't store any of it. Your mail never hits my server
I don't trust you.
Your greatest protection here is that I just don't care what's in your mail. Also, by telling you I'm not reading it, if I then did, I'm breaching the terms of the Developer's license, and CCP would do bad things to me for that
Anything else I should know?
Because I'm using the implicit flow, there's a 20 minute limit on the duration of the tokens involved. So if you go more than 20 minutes, you'll have to log in again. Nothing I can do about that.